Welcome to Gayan Rath Institute of Technology & Management’s Helpline for NIOS open admission for 12th standard – STREAM-1

NIOS Admission 12th   November 13, 2017

If You Are a Student (Male or Female) aged above 15 years, and belong to any of the following categories

a) Passed In 10th Standard Public Exam

b) Failed In Class 11th From A Regular Private Or Public School.

c) Failed In 12th Standard from Any Board School

You are welcome to contact Gayan Rath Institute of Technology & Management. We are here to make you 12th standard passed student! This is done by getting direct admission to 12th standard through NIOS board! You become victorious and successful in completing your school final examination!

NIOS direct admission for 12th standard gives you that second chance to reappear for impending 12th standard exam – Gayan Rath Institute of Technology & Management uses this opportunity wisely in your favour!

NIOS has a special arrangement, whereby failed and school drop outs in class 11th or 12th are given a second opportunity, to reappear in the next exam for 12th standard. This second chance is not available in any other schools.

Gayan Rath Institute of Technology & Management cleverly uses this formidable opportunity, to get failed and dropout students to get direct admission to 12th standard NIOS courses and makes them pass.

Contact us soon, our councillors will advise you properly about admission formalities documents required, subject selection for class 12th and also how to prepare well for examinations. We have been doing this service to fail and dropout students from schools and make them pass.

Since Gayan Rath Institute Of Technology & Management takes justifiable pride that our teaching professionals have ignited light once again, in the doomed and dark life of failed and school dropout students, numbering in thousands.

As you approach Gayan Rath Institute of Technology & Management, it becomes our responsibility to see that you get benefited by NIOS direct admission for 12th standard facility; and pass the exam with high-marks.

After getting the admission formalities successfully completed, the major work of sharpening your ability and skill, to face the 12th standard exam confidently and achieve top-marks, begins.

With vast experience, Gayan Rath Institute of Technology & Management’s expert teachers prepare every student as bright student in the coaching classes. The lessons are illustrated clearly, unambiguously and without any doubt, by using study material; guides; notes; tips; previous question papers and answers etc.

Another unique opportunity offered to NIOS direct admission students for 12th standard is they can convert the high marks, if they have secured in their previous board exam, (maximum two subjects) to the present senior secondary certificate now awarded. They need not appear for exams in subjects already passed.

Those employed anywhere will find NIOS direct admission very useful, to study and earn at the same time. They can attend coaching classes at their convenience, study and sharpen their skills.